Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slightly Bookish Opening at the Kennedy Library

Each year the Robert E. Kennedy Library (here on campus) puts together two exhibits that feature the work of faculty, students, and the local community. For Spring Quarter 2009 the "Slightly Bookish" exhibit showcased the work of fine book artists. The work of students and faculty, local book artists, and nationally recognized book artists (particularly Julie Chen, Flying Fish Press) is on display.

The Shakespeare Press Museum was invited to create a display within the exhibit that examined the role of type and letterpress printing within the book arts community. A case displays some of the general printing equipment and we even lugged our Golding Jobber into the library (we don't recommend moving three-hundred pound machines around every day, and especially not in the rain...).

For the opening of the exhibit the press put together a postcard and a bookmark. Visitors were invited to print on our (teeny-tiny itty-bitty) press, completing the bookmark with a heart. Aww...

It was great fun, and it looks like we made some new friends!
The exhibit will be on display through 5 June, 2009. Second floor, Kennedy Library.

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