Letterpress on Film

Here is a collection of videos we've compiled from the wide world of printers on the web. We would like to thank all the people who have created or put these videos online.

John Kristensen, Firefly Press
This is an excellent introduction to the question "What is letterpress printing?"

Ginn and Company (Athenaeum Press), 1925
An EXCELLENT silent video on printing.  The actual printing part starts at 9:15 minutes.

South Street Seaport Museum, 2010

Encyclopedia Britannica, 1947

Printing, 1947

Journalism, Vocational Guidance Films, Inc., 1940
Shows writing and editing jobs for newspapers and magazines in the deep analog era.
Of particular interest to printers: 21:05:30

A LOST DOG poster for Ace, Sesame Street, undated

The Art of Letterpress, by the Folio Society, 2014